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Integrate a compliant euro stablecoin on any blockchain

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EUROe is a compliant euro stablecoin enabling a range of new use cases on your blockchain. Settle transactions in euros, on- and off-ramp directly, and decrease volatility-related obstacles.
EUROe can be implemented on any modern blockchain, public or private, EVM-compatible or not. Integrating EUROe opens a native bridge between your blockchain, the traditional financial system, and every other blockchain EUROe is integrated with.

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Customisability to suit your needs

EUROe is highly customisable to fit your needs

Standard implementation

  • Mint & redeem EUROe against fiat euros on an intra-day basis*
  • Free to integrate across exchanges, dApps, and more
  • KYC required only for mint & redemption
  • Key EUROe feature availability (e.g. native cross-chain bridge)
  • Quick implementation time**

Custom implementation

  • Fully customisable issuance & redemption mechanisms
  • Support for allowlist-based access controls
  • Smart contract level customisability
  • Support for privacy blockchains***
  • Optionality for white-labelling

* Subject to banking hours and implementation details
** Subject to key vendor availability
*** With viewing keys or similar mechanisms

Available on multiple environments

Support for a range of VMs

EUROe is available out of the box for Ethereum and Solana virtual machines. We offer custom implementations for other blockchain VMs.

Private blockchain support

EUROe can be made available on private blockchains subject to terms.

Streamlined integration process

Standard implementation can take as little as six weeks.

1. Initial meeting

Discuss stablecoin requirements and specify the implementation model.

2. Blockchain capability specification1 week

Membrane Finance reviews blockchain specifications and confirms whether EUROe can be deployed.

3. Commercial agreement

Both parties agree on the commercial details of the integration.

4. Compliance review2 weeks

Membrane Finance reviews the compliance specifications specific to the blockchain and establishes policies.

5. Technical implementation3 weeks

Membrane Finance delivers the implementation, including a testnet implementation. Custom implementations take considerably longer, with internal and external audits required on all new system components.

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