EUROe Ramp

Integrated fiat onboarding solution

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EUROe Ramp: Fiat connectivity for your platform

EUROe Ramp enables your blockchain platform to seamlessly onboard customer fiat funds directly to their non-custodial wallet. As an API-first solution you can customise the user interface and journey to enable a consistent user experience from start to end.

Deposit Status Updates

Get real-time status updates via API about customer fund movements.

Seamless Stablecoin Conversion

User sends euros and receives EUROe in their non-custodial wallet.

100% White Label Solution

Everything happens through our APIs so you can optimise your user experience.

Start onboarding customer funds now

EUROe Ramp allows you to offer a seamless digital wallet top-up experience directly on your platform. Call our API to get bank deposit information and show detailed deposit progress to customers. Customise the user journey to fit your needs.
We manage the fiat and stablecoin flows on your behalf. Assets are deposited directly to the customer's self-custodial wallet.


  • API-based fiat-to-EUROe and EUROe-to-fiat conversion
  • Support for business and retail end-users
  • SEPA, SEPA Instant, and SWIFT support
  • No new KYB/KYC required - information passes through a pre-defined flow
  • 100% whitelabel solution

Multichain support

Arbitrum OneEthereumOptimismPolygon

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What are the use cases?

Tokenisation platforms

Build a seamless way to top-up funds in your service without requiring the user to go through new KYC processes. Improve user outcomes and decrease friction through a support for a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods.

Custody platforms

Allow your users to top-up their accounts in euros with a bank transfer. Say goodbye to liquidity constraints.

DLT exchanges

Settle your trades in euros with a quick whitelabel deposit and withdrawal solution. Reduce churn through a streamlined fiat-to-stablecoin solution that does not require re-KYC:ing your users.

Regulated DeFi protocols

Frictionless wallet top-ups through SEPA, SEPA Instant, and SWIFT. Automatically swap EUROe for other tokens.

Your business

What if moving money to and from off-chain was just a single API call away?

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