Membrane Account

Blockchain-native fiat gateway

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Membrane Account: Portal to onchain euro liquidity

Membrane Account allows you to move funds between the off-chain and blockchains in a 1:1 ratio without limits. For free.*
Available on multiple blockchains natively, EUROe facilitates euro funds movements in a variety of environments. Membrane Account is your gateway to euros onchain.
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Euro stablecoin for the serious

Industry leading solution for any purpose

EUROe features

  • MiCAR -compatible euro stablecoin
  • Natively multichain on the most common blockchains
  • Compatible with the most common standards to enhance interoperability
  • Supported by top custodians and infrastructure providers
  • Deep and liquid markets through leading OTC desks and market makers
  • Fully backed and issued by a regulated Scandinavian EMI

Membrane Account features

  • Mint and burn EUROe at 1:1 without fees*
  • Superior banking support with SEPA, SEPA ICT, SWIFT, and more
  • Quick bridging between all supported blockchains
  • Available through GUI or APIs
  • SLAs available on request
  • EU based provider with no data transfers to the US

* Core services are free. See pricing for full details.

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