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Turnkey fiat onboarding solution

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EUROe Link: A streamlined fiat-to-stablecoin ramp

All-in-one solution for user funds onboarding, safeguarding, and crypto liquidity.

Say goodbye to the hassles of banking

Transition effortlessly from traditional banking; we manage all banking operations for you. Enjoy the convenience of dedicated bank accounts tailored to your transaction needs.

Safeguard customer assets in EUROe

EUROe Link ensures the protection of customer assets in compliance with regulatory standards, utilising qualified custodians. Eliminate the complexity of establishing your own bank safeguarding arrangements.

Enjoy industry leading crypto liquidity

Gain access to unparalleled crypto liquidity through EUROe, backed by the industry’s leading market makers, OTC desks, and top-tier European exchanges.

Simplify your customer fiat fund flows management now

Seamlessly connect fiat to crypto at a reduced cost. Integrate in just a few weeks. No prior experience required.

EUROe Link makes processing all your customer fiat activity a breeze. Fully compatible with your existing tech and operational stack, you only need to integrate one API end-point and transfer EUROe on the blockchains you choose.


Stablecoin settlement

  • All fund flows are settled in EUROe
  • EUROe is electronic money, issued on blockchains
  • Simultaneous support for multiple blockchains
  • Receive customer deposits in real-time, or choose your own netting cycle

Multichain support

Arbitrum OneEthereumPolygon

API-based fiat processing

  • Instant fiat deposit & withdrawal processing
  • Support for SEPA and SEPA Instant payment schemes
  • Recurring deposit support
  • Concurrent multiple IBAN support (DE, DK, LU…)

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What are the use cases?

Centralised exchanges and crypto-asset service providers

Add an additional deposit and withdrawal processing method – or bootstrap your platform quickly with a hassle-free solution. Improve capital efficiency through real-time funds conversion and access unlimited liquidity between the on- and off-chain. No more managing costly fiat infrastructure.

Custody platforms

Allow your users to top-up their accounts in euros with a bank transfer. Say goodbye to liquidity constraints.

KYC-enabled DeFi platforms & tokenisation

Avoid high fees and wait-times faced by users when entering DeFi through third-party platforms. Integrate EUROe Link directly on your front-end and reduce churn through a streamlined fiat-crypto-fiat solution that does not require re-KYC:ing you users.

On- and off-ramps

Power your SEPA and SEPA Instant transactions with EUROe in the background. Automatically swap EUROe for other tokens at supported exchanges. On- and off-ramp directly on the right chain through EUROe's multichain support.

Your business

What if moving money to and from off-chain was just a single API call away?

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Privacy notice

The availability of EUROe Link is subject to jurisdiction and licencing of the EUROe Link customer and may not be available in all jurisdictions. Membrane Finance has initiated the process of extending its licencing scope to become a fully licenced payment institution, with the intention of starting the provision of EUROe Link in production capacity shortly. The launch of EUROe Link is subject to certain conditions precedent, including but not limited to the receipt of required approvals from Fin-FSA.