EUROe are euros but programmable. We enable near-instant, low-cost, automated transactions across various mediums.

EUROe Solutions

Exchanges and brokers deserve the highest quality and most liquid compliant blockchain-native euros. EUROe enables you to move fiat operations on-chain and reducing your reliance on inefficient and costly banking rails. Coupled with the EUROe products you can process customer fund flows directly in EUROe without ever touching the traditional systems.

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Building compliant DLT products requires high availability, high quality, MiCAR-compatible electronic money. EUROe helps you build next generation products with industry leading liquidity and accessibility. Our complementary product-suite enables seamless fund flows between the on-chain and the off-chain.

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Settle your day-to-day business transactions in the currency your clients & partners use. Pay contributors in euros. Eliminate operational & financial risks stemming from crypto volatility & fx-risk. Make payments to off-chain accounts using EUROe.

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EUROe lets you settle payments nearly instantly on the blockchain for a fraction of the cost of traditional payment networks. EUROe is electronic money with tax, regulatory, and accounting treatment similar to funds. Use EUROe to receive and pay partners, businesses, and clients in previously unimagined ways. Combine with EUROe API to enable programmatic funds movements.

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With EUROe you can provide more transparency to your operations. Track the source and destination of funds. Reduce costs associated with international payments & banking. EUROe opens new ways of interacting with the unbanked and reaching new masses.

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EUROe is the money that you can program and automate like never before. With as many decimals of accuracy as needed, you can integrate EUROe into your automated processes and systems. Start using EUROe today to experience the most accurate automated payments infrastructure.

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Our collaborative approach

We are building the next generation monetary system that empowers new businesses and ways of monetisation. We are always looking for partners who want to develop technology innovations that help democratise finance and remove frictions that limit accessibility and inclusion in financial markets.

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