Information about EUROe redemptions


As a Customer of Membrane Finance, please redeem EUROe through your EUROe Account.

Natural persons

In order to redeem EUROe as a non-Customer, Membrane Finance will need to perform a thorough identification for you to be eligible to redeem EUROe.

To initiate the process of redeeming EUROe, please email the following details regarding your redemption to redemptions ( at ) euroe ( dot ) com:

1. Your full name, home address, nationality
2. Notarised colour copy of your passport
3. Address from which you are redeeming EUROe and the amount of EUROe to be redeemed
4. Explanation and proof of source of funds
5. Details of the bank account to which you are redeeming EUROe to, including bank account number, BIC, routing number (if applicable), bank name, bank address, payee name, payee address
6. Copy of a bank account statement from the bank corroborating all the bank account details provided in section 5
7. Contact details of the relevant bank branch to confirm the details provided in sections 5 and 6
8. Colour copy of a document that proves your home address (such as a utility bill), no older than three (3) months
9. A list of transaction hashes that constitute the redeemable amount using FIFO accounting together with an explanation of each transaction

By initiating a redemption by providing the above information you consent to Membrane Finance Oy performing AML and other relevant checks in accordance to current laws, regulations, and policies.

Please ensure that the address from which you intend to redeem EUROe can be used to sign an off-chain message to prove the ownership of your address. Please note that you will be responsible for your bank's fees.

Membrane Finance will process the redemption request on a best effort basis.


Please open a EUROe Account here.

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