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The global payments industry facilitates $240T of transactions between businesses, governments, and people every year. It touches everyone, everywhere, multiple times a day.
But while the world has grown more interconnected and commerce has become global, infrastructure for money has failed to evolve to meet the modern consumer's needs. Payments take too long to settle. They cost too much and require too much human interference. YOU deserve better. WE can do better.

From a world where:

  • Payments are slow and expensive
  • Systems are filled with intermediaries and middle-men
  • Access is guarded by gatekeepers

To a world where:

  • Payments are instant and cost next to nothing
  • Systems are disintermediated and interoperable
  • Access is universal and non-discriminatory

Limitless possibilities with true digital money

Blockchain-enabled digital money can transform the entire infrastructure of financial services, enabling companies to re-imagine and re-build the core processes into something simpler, more efficient, and completely new.


12 seconds

Settlement time on Ethereum

Lightning fast

Settlement in seconds, not days.

Faster settlement not only delivers a dramatically better user experience but can also radically reduce the complexity of payment processes in use today.

Disintermediating settlement processes and reducing settlement risk frees up capital for better uses.


0.36 €

Average transaction cost


Global payments at a fraction of the cost.

Every year over $2T in fees are collected to facilitate payments across the global payment systems. Cross-border transactions, in particular, carry exorbitant cost overhead. The average cost for remittances can reach up to 6-8% with banks and money-service businesses.

With EUROe, these transactions can be done at near-zero cost.



Regulated as an EMI in the EU


Radically transparent reserve with regular attestations & audits.

Every transaction happening on-chain gets recorded to an immutable ledger. This data can be leveraged to empower the next generation of financial services.

Blockchain provides complete and accurate data on asset movement and transactions, enabling a better understanding of your counterparties, their transactions and assets. This can mean dramatically more efficient credit provisioning, lending decisions and much more.



Supported smart contracts


Smart contracts turn digital money into smart money.

Smart contracts are self-executing programs that automatically execute payments or other actions on the blockchain based on a series of programmed parameters. They allow dispensing of intermediaries, as the contract can automatically and autonomously source information from external sources and enforce agreements.

For example, a smart contract might trigger an automatic transfer of asset ownership on receipt of payment without the need for intermediaries.



Uptime on Ethereum


Money never sleeps, so why should payments?

EUROe does away with normal banking hours, allowing you to keep your business going 24/7. Beyond being always open, EUROe is available for everyone.

Blockchains ensure greater accessibility to both end-users and developers alike. EUROe is building the foundations for the new financial infrastructure in the same spirit. Developers can freely integrate EUROe payments into their applications via a suite of APIs & ABIs.

Our collaborative approach

Great things are always done by teams of people. We are always looking for partners who want to develop technology innovations that help democratise finance and remove frictions that limit accessibility and inclusion in financial markets.

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