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Bringing true digital money to the masses.

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The global payments industry facilitates $240T of transactions between businesses, governments, and people every year. It touches everyone, everywhere, multiple times a day.
But while the world has grown more interconnected and commerce has become global, infrastructure for money has failed to evolve to meet the modern needs. Payments take too long to settle. They cost too much and require too much human interference. YOU deserve better. WE can do better.

From a world where:

  • Payments are slow and expensive
  • Systems are filled with intermediaries and middle-men
  • Access is guarded by gatekeepers

To a world where:

  • Payments are instant and cost next to nothing
  • Systems are disintermediated and interoperable
  • Access is universal and non-discriminatory

Limitless possibilities with true digital money

Blockchain-enabled digital money can transform the entire infrastructure of financial services, enabling companies to re-imagine and re-build the core processes into something simpler, more efficient, and completely new.



Security controls verified by 3rd parties


State-of-the-art security controls, verified by external auditors.

On-chain money should be as secure as any other form of money. Failures in issuance and redemption controls are inexcusable.

As blockchain native money, EUROe puts security first. With uncompromising controls, policies, and processes EUROe issuance and redemption is strictly controlled so you can sleep at night, knowing your funds are safe.



Interoperable & open by default


Developer-friendly money that can be used by anyone.

Internet native money should be accessible to everyone, not only to the few. Interoperability and integration-readiness must be embraced to allow next-generation dApps to proliferate.

EUROe embraces existing standards and frameworks, allowing easy integration by developers. EUROe is open to everyone and does not require explicit allow-listing to be used in applications on supported networks.



MiCA-compliant & future-proof


MiCA-compliant and future-proof money.

Blockchain money does not and should not operate outside of established regulations, laws, or AML/CFT policies. Users of stablecoins should not need to worry about getting sanctioned without reason or about breaking the law by using money on the internet.

EUROe is built to comply with current and upcoming regulations in the EU. Users of EUROe do not need to worry about their money becoming illegal post-MiCA or about the continuity of their operations.



End-users preserve privacy


Privacy-friendly digital money that does not need to KYC its end-users.

Money on public blockchains should not be subject to authoritarian controls. Stablecoins KYC:ing all of their users present a privacy risk not only to the users of the stablecoin but to all participants of the blockchain ecosystem.

EUROe is issued only to known companies and institutions but not directly to its end-users. Hence, we never need to know who you are, and you can preserve your privacy.



Radically transparent reserve with regular attestations & audits.

Stablecoin issuers should be held to the highest standard when it comes to transparency about the reserves and backing of the money. Unbacked or opaque structures can undermine adoption and trust in the whole ecosystem.

We publish regular attestations and audits to the quantity, quality, and type of reserves held to back EUROe. Furthermore, EUROe is regulated as electronic money in the EU to provide better guarantees about the stability of EUROe to its users. In addition to being 100% reserve-backed, Membrane Finance holds a 2% CET1 equity capital buffer to protect the users of EUROe.

Our collaborative approach

We are building the next generation monetary system that empowers new businesses and ways of monetisation. We are always looking for partners who want to develop technology innovations that help democratise finance and remove frictions that limit accessibility and inclusion in financial markets.

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