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EU-licenced electronic money to take your business to the next stage

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MiCAR-compatible electronic money

EUROe is blockchain native electronic money that can be readily integrated into regulated DeFi, tokenisation, and DLT projects. As a MiCAR-compatible euro stablecoin, EUROe provides the substrate on which to build your next generation applications.

Moving money between on-chain and the traditional banking system has never been so easy. EUROe offers industry-leading connectivity to a growing number of blockchains and the traditional financial system through SEPA, SEPA ICT, SWIFT, and more.

The EUROe product suite is complementary to EUROe, allowing you to build customised and integrated fund flows for your customers.

EU-regulated & MiCAR-compatible

MiCA compliant stablecoin licensed across the EU and EEA.

Safeguarded reserves

Funds securely held in segregated accounts within European credit institutions.

Integratable fund flows

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Beyond offering a highly liquid, available, and stable quote & settlement asset for your venue, EUROe enables faster and cheaper funds flows between the traditional banking system and blockchains.
EUROe and EUROe products are available across multiple blockchains, letting you choose your preferred settlement layer. EUROe Account gives you access to 1:1 minting, burning, and bridging of EUROe across a plethora of payment mediums, from blockchains to SEPA, SEPA ICT, SWIFT, and more.

Why DLT venues choose EUROe?

Best-in-class connectivity & tech

  • Intuitive graphical user interfaces or APIs for a deeper integrations
  • Supports SEPA, SEPA Instant, and SWIFT payments in addition to internal settlement in a growing number of banks
  • Third-party audited core infrastructure, systems, and smart contracts

MiCAR -compatible

  • Issued by a licenced and regulated EU-based Finnish EMI
  • Bankruptcy-remoteness and high customer asset safeguarding and investment standards
  • MiCAR ready electronic money transitioning into an EMT from June 2024

Designed for DLT -projects

  • APIs for data required by DLT SS and DLT TSS infrastructures
  • High availability systems with custom SLAs on request
  • EU-based provider with no data transmissions to the US

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