Transparent pricing so you can maximise the power of euro e-money in your applications and workflows.

Please note that the terms used herein shall have the same meaning as in the Terms of EUROe Platform, which are accessible here.

1. EUROe Fees

1.1 The below fees are applied in the Mint and redemption of EUROe by the Company:

ActionEUROe Fee
Minting of EUROeFree of charge
Redemption of EUROeFree of charge
Migration of EUROe from one supported blockchain to another supported blockchainFree of charge

1.2 EUROe Fees, if applicable, shall be invoiced before or during any EUROe Transaction or migration of EUROe to a supported blockchain is fulfilled.

1.3 Please note that when the Company Mints EUROe to the Customer, the Customer shall pay to the Company the nominal value of the Minted EUROe. For example, if 100 000 EUROe is Minted, the Customer shall pay to the Company EUR 100 000.

2. Service Fees

2.1 The below fees are applied in the use of the Service:

ActionService Fee
Use of the ServiceFree of charge

2.2 Service Fees shall be invoiced one (1) year in advance. The billing shall commence in the beginning of the month following the order date of the Service. If the Agreement is terminated before the end of the one (1) year period, the Company shall not have an obligation to return any prepaid fees to the Customer.

3. Ancillary Services and Fees

3.1 The below fees are applied to the ancillary services provided by the Company to the Customer:

ActionAncillary Fee
Currency exchange due to payments by the Customer in other currency than euros0.15% of the value of the payment
Administrative work of the Company due to material breach of the Agreement by the Customer 300 EUR/hour
Recovery of EUROe or other funds by the Company due to the Customer's incorrect execution of EUROe Transaction 80-450 EUR/hour
(1) Recovery is simple in nature and may be carried our by the Company's operations employee80 EUR/hour
(2) Recovery is complex in nature and requires the use of outside experts450 EUR/hour

3.2 Ancillary Fees shall be invoiced on a monthly basis based on the accrued fees from the past month.

4. Payment Terms

4.1 All payments may be made in EUROe. Payments in EUROe shall not be subject to currency exchange fees.

4.2 Fees that are based on an hourly rate shall be billed for every starting half an hour.

4.3 Applicable taxes will be added to the Fees.

4.4 Invoicing will be done after each separate delivery or work if not otherwise agreed. Term of payment shall be 14 days net.

4.5 The Company may charge interest on overdue amounts. Interest will be calculated from the due date to the date of payment (both inclusive) at an annual percentage rate in accordance with the Finnish Interest Rates Act.

4.6 The Company reserves the right to change the fees and to institute new charges and fees at any time. The changes enter into force on the date specified by the Company, however no earlier than two (2) months after sending the notice to the Customer.

4.7 The Company specifically highlights that the Company's right to change fees and institute new charges and fees as per section 4.6 shall also apply to the redemption of EUROe, and by using the Service, the Customer specifically acknowledges and accepts the said rights of the Company.